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Search Engine Optimization

San Francisco Bay Area Search Engine Optimization SEM Analytics Company

Search Engine Optimization with BuzzStarterSearch Engine Optimization. SEO. Everybody’s doing it. Everybody claims they know how to do it. Everyone thinks they know what it really is. However, upon further prodding, a real savvy internet marketer will figure out if these claims are true or not. BuzzStarter gets ahead of this pack by providing you a clear and concise path. It is about getting you to the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by keyword phrases that:

  • Defines your business
  • Provides the best commerciability index

This gives you at least not just positioning but a high probability for conversions as well for your organic traffic. Optimizing for organic traffic is about placement on the first page of anybody’s most used search engine. SEO is a logical method that needs clarity of delivery and expected results over a period of time. It plays a huge role on the exposure of your business and adds long term value for your online currency. Only less than 20% of visitors move from the 1st to the 2nd page of the SERP. Do you want to be left behind and not be seen by your potential customers? To get there, we provide the following services which is inline with our methodology:

  • Site/Page Audit – We do an analysis of your existing site from nuts to bolts. We then compare these pages to your closest competitors to see what possible optimizations we can do to further get ahead in your market.
  • Detailed Keyword Research – We fashion your SEO campaigns based on these words that provide definition and possible conversions through our research and value metrics.
  • Content Development & Delivery – Utilizing our keyword research under your guidelines, our content writers will deliver and provide the best copy delivered on a regular basis, backed our backlinking services.
  • Site Delivery – Yes, we offer site development services and if you don’t have a content engine that can be easily updated, we will provide you one for a very reasonable fee.
  • Backlinking/Premium Link Building – We don’t do reciprocal linking. We have established relationships with other site content owners in different vertical markets that provides us quality links.
  • Social Media Strategy – So you have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Digg and all sorts of social media sites you use to blast your message across. Sometimes aimlessly, especially if you’re not getting any visits or conversions from this campaign. Let us manage and handle this and give you the best results possible.
  • Community Management – We have a lot of qualified content writers who are trained in SEO best practices to deliver the best possible service to you and your customers.

How do we track the success of your SEO campaign? We utilize your Analytics reporting (or our proposed solution, see Analytics section) plus a number of industry established tools. Are you ready to take your organic campaign to the next level?