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Web Analytics

San Francisco Bay Area Analytics SEO SEM Company

Analytics & ROI Trending with BuzzStarterBuzzStarter offers a range of optimization tools to help you measure your online campaigns. We help you answer the important questions that revolve around your call to action (CTA). Once we start driving quality traffic to your site, it is important for us to answer the following questions:

  • How many CTA’s does your site has? Which one is the most important?
  • What is your sites overall conversion rate?
  • Which traffic medium is providing quality traffic?
  • Are your pages optimized for conversion?

With our years of experience in this industry we offer the following services to help you answer those core questions and provide to you insights which result into action.

  • A/B Test or Multivariate Testing – We will analyze pages that drive revenue and conversions to your site and see if there are holes that we can plug in your sales funnel.
  • User Experience Analysis – Are your visitors engaging? Are they selecting? Is your revenue flow providing confusion or misunderstanding to your visitor?
  • Path Analysis – We will analyze how your visitors engage your sales funnel and provide insights from what entry point gives you the best conversion.
  • Competitor Analysis – It is always important to understand how your closest competitors are outdoing you and how we can leverage this analysis to your advantage.

Google Analytics? Yeah, that’s fine and good but when the competition always stick to whats free, however we offer more than Google Analytics to give you the analysis you require (because we actually worked in enterprise analytics environments!). We provide these and more using our core competencies in Analytics, data gathering and dashboarding. We are certified and experienced in both strategy, technical implementation and analysis in the following tools:

  • Omniture – Site Catalyst, Test & Target, Search Center, Site Search, Insight, Discover including custom tagging.
  • WebTrends – Analytics 8.x/9.x A/B or Multivariate Testing, Scenario Analysis including customization and custom tagging.
  • Yahoo! Web Analytics – Visitor Segmentation & Analysis, DMA pentration tools.
  • TeaLeaf – cxResults, cxInsights & cxImpact including event creation and analysis plus best practices implementation.
  • CrazyEgg – Heatmap/Clickmap analysis of your existing high value/high revenue pages.
  • ClickTale – Behavior & Customer Experience analysis.
  • Google Analytics – But of course! Account & profile configuration, advance segments, funnel analysis and custom tagging.