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Web Design

At Buzz Starter, we don’t simply make sites based on what the current trend is. We also do web design based on what your main call-to-actions are. We have a very methodical approach to how we create the best possible web design for your presence and these are:

  • Phase 1 / Gathering Information – We take a look at what your company is about. We also gather the appropriate information such as key call-to-actions, main keywords (your taxonomy universe), competitor research (whose the closest and how do we play catch up), your top and sub-level structure/content, and the content management system (technology) that is going to fuel all of this.
  • Phase 2 / Mockups – Based on factors gathered during Phase 1, we come up with ideal mockups that will best represent your brand as well as provide a quality user experience that is conducive to conversion.
  • Phase 3 / Revision – Not all designs are created equal! Some of our designs will be shot down, some will be scrutinized and some will be a good combination of other factors. Not to worry, we won’t start creating a theme until we nail what the look and feel would be to move forward with your project.
  • Phase 4 / Setting It In Stone – After our revisions, this is where we come up with the best possible design, materialize the mock into an actual working developer site so we can start the process of filling in the blanks. This also includes configuration of all CMS settings or minor scripting/dev work.
  • Phase 5 / We Go Live! – This is where all the work we’ve done in the dev stage gets pushed live and now, we got a real live working site that is optimized not only for SEO, but for conversions as well.

Sounds great? Contact us and let us know if you have a project in mind!



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