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SEO, what is it all about?

SEO deals in what we call in the industry, organic traffic. Organic traffic comes from searches in most search engines clicking through from the organic listings and not the paid ones, we we normally call SEM. The acronym SEO itself means “search engine optimization.” To be specific, it is a way of getting traffic from organic, natural or free listings in search engines, such as the big 3, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Now most people are visual learners so to get your feet wet in understanding this, I suggest watching these videos:

We would’ve made our own videos, however there are great tutorials out there that simply put, we really like endorsing here at Buzz Starter.

As you try to start optimizing your own site or properties, refer to our On-Page Optimization Checklist.

Another thing to also closely follow are the guidelines for optimization for each one of the big 3 search engines:


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